Global Buying Guide - FAQ for foreign shoppers

This guide is designed to smooth transactions with foreign buyers (especially Americans!):

  1. Note the currency. Click on the currency converter at  to convert at the latest exchange rate.
  2. It costs a lot to clear a check that is in a different currency than the issuing country – Please do NOT send them.
  3. The fastest and cheapest way to pay internationally is through Paypal - this will bring your item quickest.  For details click here.  Please paypal me to 
  4. You can also pay in US or UK money/postal orders or checks.  Other country cheques not accepted.
  5. To pay by credit card use the store's secure checkout or click
  6. Cash for small amounts is fine. It’s rare to go astray.
  7. If you choose to pay by check, make out to Nigel Hay Mckay. Be careful not to alter anything and that the words & figures match. 
  8. This reads as a lot of trouble! But in reality 95% of international transactions have no problem.

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Shop customers are exempt of any payment fees