How to order         Print this page out to assist you

1.  Click on main category (like full finger rings, necklaces).
2.  Click on sub-category if necessary
3.   Click on photo of the item you are interested in.
4.   To buy, click on "Add to Basket".
5.   Browse through the store in the same way to choose more items.
6.   When finished shopping, click on "Checkout".  This will take slightly longer to download, because it's a secure connection.
7.   Fill in the "Ship to" form - sections in bold type are essential.  If you are in the US, scroll down to find your State.  If you are outside the US, type your county or province on the line below, then scroll down to find your country.
8.   No need to fill in "Bill to", unless it's a different address - such as your credit card's registered address.
9.   Press "Continue" in the bottom right.
10. Scroll to choose shipping instructions - it will tell you the cost.  Then scroll to choose payment method.  If you are used to British English spelling, "check" means "cheque".  Press "Continue".
11.  Fill in your credit card details or your check's number.  Then press "Continue"  Or if you wish to pay by Paypal, just enter 9999 for the check number and after the checkout click the Paypal pay link on the front page.  Paypal
12.  If you are paying by check, mail it to the address on the screen.

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