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Blue & Green Azurite Malachite Calsilica Beads
Blue & Green Azurite Malachite Calsilica

Calming 8mm Flourite Beads
Calming 8mm Flourite Beads

Large Mystical 14mm Shimmering Blue Labradorite
Large Mystical 14mm Shimmering Blue Labradorite

e Summer Orange Turquoise Teardrop Beads - 50mm
Large Summer Orange Turquoise Teardrop - 50mm

Deep Summer Blue Calsilica Tablet Beads
Deep Summer Blue Calsilica Tablets

Colorful Fire Red & Blue Caslilica Beads
Colorful Fire Red & Blue

Unusual Summer Color Carved Skull Turquoise Beads
Unusual Summer Color Carved Skull Turquoise

150 x 10mm Blue Turquoise Heishi Disc Beads
150 x 10mm Blue Turquoise
 Heishi Discs

Large Faceted Blue Turquoise Beads - 18mm x 14mm
Large FAC Blue Turquoise 18mm x 14mm

Green Tourmalated Quartz Nugget Beads
Green Tourmalated Quartz Nugget

Faceted Sapphire Blue Troll Beads
Faceted Sapphire Blue Troll Beads

 Faceted Ingot Gold Troll Beads
Faceted Ingot Gold Troll

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How to use your Leftover Beads -
Don’t throw anything away!

Every beader is eventually left with out-of-fashion beads that they can’t use. You could try selling them at a fair in a bargain box, but in all probability, they’ll be hard to shift. Strangely, people can sense if the stock is stale. In these financially-tough times, you need to consume everything.  Fortunately it is possible to use these odd beads to make jewelry that will sell. 

Don’t be afraid to disassemble old jewelry. Unstring the beads and mix them with new beads in a different design. 

What to do with the Leftovers

1)    Separate all your leftover beads into three different sizes and place each size in its own cup. 

2)    Take any bead at random from one of the cups and lay it out for a necklace on your beading board. 

3)    Then add a bead from a different size cup, and so on.  If the beads are small, add a few, before a large bead – to build uniformity to the design. 

4)    After you’ve laid out half the necklace length, look at the design and see where you can add spacers or caps to improve the style.

 In a short time, you’ll end up with an original freeform necklace!

Bead tablecloth weights
Table cloth weights make great presents, especially for summer BBQs.  Take a silver bulldog clip and thread wire through the hole.  Loop it back on itself, and slide a crimp over both pieces, pulling it tight to the clip. Squash the crimp flat to hold the wire in place. Thread beads onto both strands of wire and finish with a crimp to hold the beads in place. The weights are then clipped onto the corner of a tablecloth to prevent the wind from blowing it off.                    top of page

Chrysoprase & Chrysocolla – The Golden Leeks

Chrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaThe name chrysoprase (rhymes with bliss and craze) is from a Greek word meaning Golden Leek. It is the rarest of the chalcedony group of gem quartzes and its bright even color and texture is ideal for beads. Chrysoprase was popular in the time of the Greeks and Romans when it was cut into cameos - the Egyptians used it with lapis jewelry and even to decorate beads. In Europe until the middle of the last century it was used lavishly, when deposits mined in Silesia exhausted and it became expensive. The Book of Revelations (21:20) describes the holy city of Jerusalem with its 12 walls decorated with precious gemstones, the tenth being chrysoprase.

Chrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaAccording to an 11th Century Byzantine manuscript, chrysoprase strengthens vision and relieves internal pain. Metaphysically, it brings a sense of grace, helping meditative, calmness and acceptance of oneself and others. It is believed to encourage positive outcome, helping to heal a broken heart, the heart itself, the reproductive organs, and fertility. And in the East, Chrysoprase is said to balance yin-yang and encourage the heart chakra bringing energy to the physical body.  Astrologically, chrysoprase is associated with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer.

Chrysoprase necklaceChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysoprase & ChrysocollaChrysocolla is very similar to chrysoprase, but usually has more blue coloring.  Both stones look great beside turquoise in a necklace or bracelet - giving a bright natural apperance.

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