Have a Spooky Halloween with Orange and Black Beads!
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With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it fun to take a look at orange and black gemstone beads.


You canít celebrate Halloween without using the colors black and orange. They are also great to wear during autumn since orange matches the beautiful fall leaves, and black is a classy tone that will compliment every color.  The classic gemstones in these colors are orange carnelian and black onyx.


Carnelian gets the brilliant orange color from iron oxide, and black onyx is usually made by treating chalcedony or agate with a sugar solution and then carbonizing it with heated sulfuric acid. Color enhancements for these stones are so common that majority of carnelians and onyx sold today are enhanced agate. However, this makes the stones available in larger sizes and at more affordable prices.


Other stones in these colors are fire opals, pearls, and orange aventurines for sunset tones - and obsidian or jet for black beads. It may also be fun to combine copper findings with onyx beads if you want a classy jewelry that you can wear year- round but would still have a hint of Halloween.


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