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Hematite Jewelry & Citrine for November

This month is about the benefits of hematite beads and citrine and yellow topaz, the gemstones for November.   Scroll down, or click one of the links below on the html version to go to a certain section.   To go to the MrBead store click MrBead.com or MrBead.co.uk

Thanks to all those who came to visit us in the UK, all five bead fairs were a great success.  We will be back there in the spring.  For dates of our already-booked 2012 UK bead fairs click here. We are considering booking a bead show in Luton in January and again in Norwich in the spring.

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Hematite Jewelry - The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy
Citrine - Mellow Yellow
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Yellow Topaz

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Hematite Jewelry - The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

The benefits of hematite
Magical Hematite Rondel Bead String154 Slinky Black Hematite Disc Heishi Beads - Heavy!Hematite makes great jewelry because it's inexpensive and look shiny and sleek. People wear it as rings, bracelets and necklaces not only for style, but because they believe the magnetic variety relieves rheumatism. Magnetic therapy has been around for over 4,000 years.

The idea is that a magnetic field can relax capillary walls in the body. This causes an increase in blood flow, similar to the effect of massaging your muscles, and stimulate the areas around the muscles to speed up healing. Others say, magnetic jewelry allows the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killers.

What is hematite
HematiteHematite is one of the most common minerals, formed by oxidized iron. Although usually black in jewelry, it adds to the red color of garnet and ruby. All non-crystalline forms of hematite come from the mineral Limonite that lost water due to heat. Hence recent excitement of the discovery of grey hematite on the planet Mars - suggesting there was water once present. Only well-formed crystals are cut and polished into cabochons for jewelry, beads, and ornaments.

Hematite comes from a Greek word for "blood-like" because of the color, and ancient superstition believed that hematite was formed from battles.

Different types of hematite beads
New Aurora Borealis Hematite Hexagonal Beads - Unusual!
New Aurora Borealis Hematite Tube Beads - Unusual!Not all hematite is magnetic.  Sometimes the magnetic attraction can be a disadvantage to jewelry design - pulling metal from other components.  And there is a new type of hematite bead recently available giving yet another angle to this versatile metal - Aurora Borealis. This is hematite with an AB coating similarly used on crystals to give a multi-colored effect when turned.  This looks striking on jewelry designed to be worn in bright lights at night.

3 Large Unusual Hematite Frame Beads - 41mm25 Shiny Black Cone Hematite Beads - 16mm x 8mmHematite's properties come from the energy of iron and the calming of oxygen. It's a protective stone and its energy helps you connect with the Earth. Use during meditation to escape the illusionary chains of physical reality and become more connected to your true, spirit self - it's been used as an aid to astral projection. It also bolsters low self-esteem, making you feel more comfortable.

Its grounding and soothing energies can help you relax and unwind both physically and mentally. Hematite is said to be closely tied to the blood due to its iron content. Believed to aid the kidneys, speed tissue regeneration, and contribute to improving the blood, and so the overall health of your entire body.

Hematite is a good choice for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

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: Mellow Yellow

”Citrine” comes from the French word for lemon, and is any quartz crystal or cluster that’s yellow to orange. The darker, orange colors were traditionally the best, but today people prefer bright lemony shades to mix with pastel colors. Citrine with man-made color tends to have more of an orange or reddish caste. Most natural citrine starts life as amethyst until heated in a molten state to change.

Sunny and affordable, citrine brightens all jewelry, blending especially well with the yellow gleam of polished gold. The yellow color is a natural reviver, and citrine focuses the mind bringing a feeling of self-esteem. In medication it helps re-establish the link between your conscious and subconscious minds. If you are feeling down, try holding citrine to lift your spirit. It’s also very good at healing the body and helping people communicate. Citrine has warm energy, promotes optimism, and attracts abundance.

Citrine is one of the few stones that removes negative energy and never requires cleansing. In ancient times it was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Known as a "merchants' stone”, placed in the cash register to not only acquire wealth but to maintain it as well. Citrine is the birthstone for November, and its corresponding signs are Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo.

Although the darker, orange colors of citrine, sometimes called Madeira citrine after the color of the wine, has generally been the most valued color, in modern times, many people prefer the bright lemony shades which mix better with pastel colors. Most citrine comes from Brazil.

Sometimes you will hear citrine referred to as topaz quartz, which is incorrect. This name was used in the past in reference to the color, which is sometimes similar to the color of topaz. Since topaz is a separate mineral, this type of name can be confusing. However, citrine is considered an alternative to topaz as the birthstone for November. As long as citrine is protected from prolonged exposure to light or heat, it will last for years.

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Yellow Topaz   
Yellow topaz looks very similar to citrine.  The Egyptians thought topaz was colored with the golden glow of the sun god Ra. This made topaz a very powerful amulet that protected the faithful against harm. The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, who also is the god of the sun. Topaz sometimes has the amber gold of fine cognac or the blush of a peach and all the beautiful warm browns and oranges. Some rare and exceptional topaz can be pink to sherry red.

Wear topaz only if you wish to be clear-sighted: legend has it that it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight as well! The ancient Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. Its mystical curative powers waxed and waned with the phases of the moon: it was said to cure insomnia, asthma, and hemorrhages.

Brown, yellow, orange, sherry, red and pink topaz is found in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Russia. Today we also have blue topaz, which has a pale to medium blue color created by irradiation. Pale topaz which is enhanced to become blue is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China. In early 1998, a new type of enhanced topaz made its appearance, the surface-enhanced topaz, with colors described as blue to greenish-blue or emerald green.  Topaz is a very hard gemstone but it can be split with a single blow, a trait it shares with diamond. As a result it should be protected from hard knocks.   

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