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Code NamePrice Availability    
a370Chinese Feng Shui Compass $12.99 USD In Stock
gz885Passionate Rose Quartz 12mm Bell Beads $10.99 USD In Stock
ga656Silky Oval Plum Pearls - 6x5mm $5.50 USD In Stock
ga655PeacockBlack/Gold Top-Drilled Pearls - 6x4mm $6.00 USD In Stock
ga658Beautiful Oriental Pale-Pink 18mm Pearls $24.99 USD Sold Out
ga659Oriental Honey-Gold Biwa Pearl Strand $4.50 USD Sold Out
ga661Kissable Cherry-Red 8mm Jade Bead Strand $6.99 USD In Stock
ga681Tibetan Dzi Agate Two-Eyes Bead Bracelet $8.99 USD Sold Out
ga682Black & White Dzi Agate Bead Bracelet $8.99 USD In Stock
gz565Chinese 15-Eye Agate Dzi Bead Amulet Necklace $12.99 USD In Stock
ga141Unusual 12mm Leopard Skin Jasper Bead Strand $8.99 USD In Stock
ga5754 Dramatic Large 24mm Orange Sardonyx Agate Button Beads $5.99 USD Sold Out
gz242Passionate Rose Quartz Chip Beads - Long Strand $2.99 USD In Stock
ga155x8mm Rutilated Quartz Bead Strand $12.00 USD Sold Out
gz897Enchanting Tibetan Agate Barrel Bead Strands $8.99 USD In Stock
gz235Beautiful Chinese Turquoise Bead - 4mm to 14mm $2.50 USD In Stock
gz327Best Chinese Turquoise Nugget Strand $9.99 USD In Stock
hk102Midnight Blue Howlite Beads - 6mm or 10mm $3.99 USD In Stock
ga88Oval Chinese Turquoise Beads - 6mm $3.99 USD In Stock
gz220Gleaming Blue Turquoise Tube Beads - 12mm long $4.25 USD Sold Out

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